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Global Degree Season 4 - Caribbean

Very excited to announce I'll be travelling to the Caribbean from September-December to shoot and produce Global Degree Season 4. Me and the team will be flying in to Miami on the 30th of August and spending a few nights in the city before heading down to the Bahamas via speedboat.

This opportunity comes on the heels of me leaving my full time job to take a leap of faith with Global Degree and their new Global Degree Academy program; an opportunity for students to travel the world while getting their educations online.

Links to the Academy, Global Degree's YouTube, and my full Caribbean schedule can be found below.


Global Degree Academy

Global Degree on YouTube


Aug 30 - Sept 3rd - Miami

Sept 4 to 10th - Bahamas

Sept 11 to 23th - Cuba

Sept 24 to Oct 6th - Jamaica

Oct 7 to 12th - Haiti

Oct 13 to 19th - Dominican Republic

Oct 20 to 25th - St Kitts

Oct 26 to Nov 1st - Antigua & Barbuda

Nov 2 to 10th - Dominica

Nov 11 to 16th - St Lucia

Nov 17 to 23rd - Barbados

Nov 25 to 29th - St Vincent

Nov 30 to Dec 6th - Grenada

Dec 7 - 14th - Trinidad & Tobaggo



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