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Global Degree Season 4 - Caribbean

Very excited to announce I'll be travelling to the Caribbean from September-December to shoot and produce Global Degree Season 4. Me and the team will be flying in to Miami on the 30th of August and spending a few nights in the city before heading down to the Bahamas via speedboat.

This opportunity comes on the heels of me leaving my full time job to take a leap of faith with Global Degree and their new Global Degree Academy program; an opportunity for students to travel the world while getting their educations online.

Links to the Academy, Global Degree's YouTube, and my full Caribbean schedule can be found below.



Aug 30 - Sept 3rd - Miami

Sept 4 to 10th - Bahamas

Sept 11 to 23th - Cuba

Sept 24 to Oct 6th - Jamaica

Oct 7 to 12th - Haiti

Oct 13 to 19th - Dominican Republic

Oct 20 to 25th - St Kitts

Oct 26 to Nov 1st - Antigua & Barbuda

Nov 2 to 10th - Dominica

Nov 11 to 16th - St Lucia

Nov 17 to 23rd - Barbados

Nov 25 to 29th - St Vincent

Nov 30 to Dec 6th - Grenada

Dec 7 - 14th - Trinidad & Tobaggo


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