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Jamaica - Good Vibrations

DISCLAIMER: I did not get the full authentic Jamaican experience, I didn’t stay for nearly as long as I wish I had, and I stayed in a 5-star resort, but holy hell I had a good time here.

As per usual, I’ll start off with the basics.

The airport arrivals terminal isn’t amazing, the customs lines take forever, and the WiFi is spotty, but this doesn’t matter because this country is stunning.

We stayed our first two nights at a wonderful hostel called The Birds Nest in Montego Bay. It’s located about 20 minutes from the airport, and the cab should cost you about $10-$15 USD (again, always bargain for less than what they’re asking for, duh).

It rains here (at least during hurricane season, great job planning your Caribbean getaway Alex) and there are a lot of tourist trap restaurants in Montego Bay, so talk to the locals about where to eat – we went a place called Scotchies that served the best jerk chicken in the world (or at least in my world). Meals should cost around $5-$10 USD; some must-try’s are: jerk chicken, patty’s, and wheel pudding – made in an actual car wheel, yes. Just gotta trust me on this one.

2 days into our stay we were awarded a contract with a hotel chain called Iberostar. Now I don’t want this taken out of context, this place was far more lavish than anything I needed, but it wasn’t an actual Jamaican experience. That being said, if you have the dough, I highly recommend staying here. All inclusive, unlimited food and drinks, full gym, multiple pools, multiple bars, multiple restaurants, multiple shows each night, personal butler for our room, and an upgrade to the top floor with an ocean view. It’s basically it’s own city within Montego Bay. I can’t say enough good things about Iberostar; they absolutely killed it.

We were extremely fortunate to run into a lady by the name of Sarah while staying at Birds Nest – if there was ever a time to believe in fate it was now. Sarah is the head of Marketing and PR at a company called Island Routes, who just so happens to be the largest provider of tours and adventures in the Caribbean – this is what you call a perfect fit for Global Degree.

We told her all about our show and travels, two days later we signed a partnership agreement, and she had us in a helicopter flying around the country. I can’t begin to describe how immensely gorgeous this country is. Rolling hills, vast farmland, ancient ruins, incredible sunsets, and the list goes on. I made a brief recap video of our experience, which can be seen here – it was easily the most surreal experience of my entire life (so far).

If you’d like to know more about Jamaica don’t hesitate to hit me up via email here, DM me on Instagram here, or message me on Facebook here. Also check out Island Routes if you’re in the Caribbean and want to go on an adventure!

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