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Miami - SLS, Jetboarding, and Airplane Tours

Miami, FL, USA

Miami has been a humid, luxurious, gorgeous city thus far. We landed on Wednesday around 6PM at Miami International Airport and got straight in an uber to our hotel.

We're staying at the amazing SLS Hotel Brickell. Some of the amenities include a rooftop pool, multiple hot tubs, full exercise gym, massive steam room, cozy mezzanine lounge (where I'm currently writing this), plenty of restaurants, and incredibly friendly staff.

On Wednesday we woke up, hammered out some emails, and headed directly to Wynnwood district to do some jetboarding with Aquajet Miami. They took us out to this tiny private island called Pace Picnic Island where we had jetboards, jetpacks, and sea-doos to play around on. The Aqua Jet guys were these three super friendly french dudes that moved to Miami about 5 years ago and opened their business.

After jetboarding we headed straight for Wynnwood walls, It's essentially a giant art gallery full of murals and sculptures, Some of the designs were absolutely incredible - definitely check it out if you're in the area and want to kill some time.

The food here is kinda expensive so be prepared for $20+ meals. The portions sizes are massive so you'll be full, but if you're on a tight budget, maybe stick to grocery stores and appetizers.

On Thursday we headed down to South Beach to get some shots of the beach and meet some of the locals. The water in the ocean was warmer than any ocean I've ever swam in, I couldn't believe it.

That evening we went to Mangos, a super slammed nightclub right on South Beach. it had live dancers on the bars, three different rooms with different genres of music playing, and very expensive drinks.

Friday was all about 2 things: hangovers and airplane rides. We took a flight over the city with Hollywood Aviation, a Miami based airplane tour company that operates near Miami International Airport. The guys there were awesome and took us on a breathtaking 30 minute journey over the city - I definitely recommend hitting them up if you're looking for a higher vantage point of Miami.

After a stressful Uber ride back to the SLS, we grabbed our bags and headed straight back to the airport to catch our flight to the Bahamas.

Some photos of our trip can be found on my Instagram, and stay tuned for more next week.


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